Real Estate Law
  • A lawsuit between a private lender who held a deed of trust securing a 2.5 million dollar beach front residence which loan was used by the contractor owner to build and sell the “spec “house. The property was then sold to a purchaser who assumed the loan under a lease option purchase. The action involved multiple claims between the parties and brokers over breach of guarantees made by the builder to the lender and the purchaser to the lender which were integral to the initial commercial property loan.
  • A complex real estate litigation plaintiff real and commercial property was used as security for a Plaintiff a famous athlete for a 15 million start up working capital loan for a consulting service for professional athletes. The Venture required not only the loan but as aparticipant plaintiff had to deposit a substantial cash contribution for which she was issued a letter of credit that the anticipated income would pay for. The venture failed and the action focused on the foreclosure actions of lenders over the secured property which was countered by multiple claims of fraud, and breach of contract.
  • A claim by luxury apartment tenant for failure to address flooding damage. The suit not only involved provisions regarding habitability but also overlapped into a complex litigation from the effects on plaintiff after she vacated. Specifically, whether her resulting repertory problems had been caused by the landlord’s failure to remediate the claimed toxic mold created by the flooding.
  • A complex and very public action involving a major shopping center which was the subject of a lengthy foreclosure related to multiple lender banks holding a deed of trust, assignment of rents and various security agreements over adjoining parking and office structures totaling $105 million.
  • Numerous residential foreclosure lawsuits brought by lenders against delinquent homeowners.
  • Numerous commercial lease actions involving breach of covenants relating to tenant improvement and non competition as well as non-payment of rent.

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