Public Entities
  • A  suit arising from the challenged conversion of Mobil Home Park by City interesting issue in the case were application of specific municipal and Government code provisions. For example whether the conversion review could incorporate Coastal Commission process.
  • A suit claiming that city was responsible for the diminution in value for a contract to purchase by seller for the discovery of an underground oil pipeline on the property. The case raised issues of Statute of limitations and government claims procedures as defense to breach.
  • A  suit  demanding  Injunctive  relief  as  well  as  breach  of  MOU  brought  against  City  for  seeking  to outsource  public  facilities  specifically  city  jail.    The  litigation  concentrated  on  the  extent  of  City authority  to  modify  or  alter  the  collective  bargaining  process  incorporated  in  the  existing  employee  contracts.
  • A  claim  brought  by  former  policeman  relating  to  denial  of  concealed  weapons  permit  by  the police  chief.
  • A  suit  by homeowner  against  the  California  Coastal  Commission  challenging  conditions  for development  of  his  beach  front  property  demanded  by  Coastal  Commission.    The  conditions related  to  what  the  homeowner  claimed  were  arbitrary  violative  of  due  process  as  they  sought  to encumber  his  property  through  deed  restrictions.
  • A  suit  to  challenge  the  removal  of  long  standing  permits  to  use  city  docks  by  reclassification  of these  facilities  as  state  managed  leading  to  a  significant  increase  in  fees  and  taxes  for  the  longs tanding  city  users.
  • Numerous  cases  seeking  writ  of  mandamus  relief  for  both  state  and  local agency actions.

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