• Wrongful termination based upon foreign ancestry
  • Religious discrimination
  • Pregnancy discrimination
  • Arbitration of sexual abuse by co-worker (against employer)
  • Sexual harassment
  • Mulit-party wage and hour against a national retail chain
  • Wrongful termination based on immigration status
  • Wrongful termination against a public entity based upon civil rights investigation
  • An action brought by a waitress against a restaurant chain claiming that she was sexually harassed by her manager and wrongfully terminated for refusing his advances. Also as part of her claim were violations of various Labor Code provisions.
  • Employment claim brought by employee of a private university who had a long history of personality conflicts and disputes with supervisors. Among the claims made against her employer was that she was forced to perform another employee’s work, forced to move furniture that she was not medically able to move. Further, the action involved claims of “retaliation” when she complained that this coercion caused her to injure her arm, hand, and shoulder which employer refused to accommodate her disability which eventually resulted in her being terminated.
  • Action for discrimination based on pregnancy claim involved female dispatcher who applied for supervisor position but although asserting that she was most qualified was not promoted to supervisor position because of employers reliance on outside testing firm that her physical condition could impair job performance.
  • Employment action brought by company’s president executive assistant. The claim involved wrongful conduct in which she claimed that she was improperly questioned during interview re her plans for marriage and children. The basis of the action was the classification of employment as she claimed that most of her duties were non-exempt depriving her of her labor rights to meal periods and overtime pay.
  • An employment suit brought by sales associate in store of large national retailer. The claim involved that her co-worker subjected her to numerous unwanted and inappropriate advances, some of which took place in front of the store Manager. These repeated complaints regarding her co-worker were not responded in a proper manner but were attempted to be informally resolved by her store manager by forcing her to meet with manager and offending co-worker and as result plaintiff suffered emotional and mental disabilities from being forced to continue working with manager and harassing co-worker.
  • Action against National retailer for sexual harassment and sexual assault by store loss prevention manager against sales associate who agreed to accompany manager after store closed to discuss loss policies. After the claimed assault by loss prevention manager her complaint against the manager was not adequately investigated and alleged assailant was not transferred or disciplined. Given the nature of the sexual assault claim numerous issues were raised regarding disability violations by her employer.
  • A complex employment action involving age, and gender discrimination along with wrongful termination and retaliation for violation of public policy. Essentially, the claim arose from the demotion of plaintiff from her national sales executive position with a large medical device manufacturer. She was offered the position of Manager which offered similar compensation but not authority. Her position was taken by a younger male subordinate.

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